Friday, January 25, 2008


I just got out of the longest Physics class of my life. Here's the scenario.

It's Friday. Two o'clock in the afternoon. For some reason your professor decides that since he is missing class Monday, he'll just make up for it with an extended two-hour long lecture of Friday afternoon. If it was any other day, I wouldn't complain, but on this particular day, it felt like an eternity. And my dull, boring professor and his insipid lectures did not ease the situation. The best way to get through these rough patches of delirious boredom, to me, anyway, is to adopt the two D's approach: Doodle and Daydream, two things I do on a daily basis.

Doodling, I've found, is simply an extension of daydreaming, although, for me, it's usually a subconscious one. Too many people nowadays see these two rather enjoyable time-passers as hideously wasteful and unfortunate. Well, I rather enjoy these two activities, and quite frankly, they are usually what keep me going through all the sound and fury of college life. If it weren't for them, sometimes I think I'd be somewhat robotic--going to class, studying, sleeping, and repeating endlessly.

In my eyes, its a healthy thing to sometimes let your mind wander. Some days, I know I need it.

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guilingverity said...

I totally agree. I need my daydreaming time. We spend so much time at this school being logical, using our left brains, doing math and hard science that if we didn't spend a little time on whimsy then we'd just exhaust our brains. Creative release is necessary.


Your doodles are awesome. When you die, you should have someone sell them on eBay like collectors' art.